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 Inspection and Copying of Homeowners Association Documents



        State statutes and the governing documents for a homeowners association contain provisions pertaining to the rights of members of the association to inspect and copy various books and records of the association. While, the general rule allows for the inspection and copying of most (not all) books and records of the association, there are procedural requirements and reasonable limitations that can be imposed in connection with the exercise of these rights. Thus, it is important that both applicable state statutes and the provisions contained in your association’s governing documents pertaining to a member’s right to inspect and copy association books and records be reviewed prior to making a request to inspect association documents. If the proper procedures are followed and the allowable limitations are respected, the process should go smoothly and the desired records should be obtained without controversy. In the event of controversy, the statutes and the association’s governing documents will contain provisions relative to the enforcement of inspection rights.

Step #1

Review Applicable State Laws and Provisions in The Association's Governing Documents

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